Would You Eat a ‘Brat in a Blanket’?

As you may know, every stadium wants to come out with new food items to showcase to the masses. It gets a lot of media attention, and the city/state’s culture is usually on display. Look no further than what’s they’re rolling out for Green Bay Packers games this Fall. They’re putting out a bratwurst that’s wrapped in melted cheese curds with a beer mustard sauce on a pretzel bun. Obviously, this sounds gluttonous, but it also sounds amazing. Give me this all day long. I feel like this could be very makeable at home.

I’ve give Delaware North, the Lambeau Field food supplier credit, they made something that is very edible at the game. It’s not elaborate dish where I couldn’t head to my seats with it. This is a fancy brat, and I’m here for that type of innovative. Nothing wrong with classing up a brat, even if, it’s harder to do than a hot dog. What else could you do in the brat space? I feel like if you went with other cultures, it would be just use their sausage like a Chorizo or Italian.

If you’re at the game on Thursday, give it a try and a rating for us.


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