Caleb Williams To Badgers Seems More Like A Reality Than A Dream

Wisconsin Badgers had a good, not great year. It’s been what Wisconsin has done for the last few years. There is a fear from some in Badgers country that Wisconsin took a step back while Michigan took a step forward and Ohio State is, well,

NFC Is In Complete Flux While AFC Is Poised To Dominate

On Monday, I wrote why Aaron Rodgers would be foolish to leave the Packers for an AFC team. He would be dealing with some of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Rodgers would have to compete for week-in-week-out with chasing Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen,

PODCAST: 2021 Packers Exit Interview w/ Murph

Charlie & Mitch are joined by a very special guest Murph to talk about the Green Bay Packers’ abrupt end to the season. Why it changes the approach of how to fan. Why it is different than other years and what might be next (0-36

Rasul Douglas Returning Would Make The Packers Secondary An Elite Group

Rasul Douglas became a Green Bay Packers fan favorite overnight. That happened after his interception in the end zone against Arizona. That win was unpredictable and probably one of the best wins of the season. The legend of Douglas grew from there. He had back-to-back

Andrew Bogut Stuffs Amar’e Stoudmire In A Locker About Allen Comments

Everyone has a take about Grayson Allen and what happened on Friday night with Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso. If anything, I would have wrote something on Saturday discussing after seeing all the hate and vitrol spewed from Bulls fans had I not been headed

PODCAST: Everyone Wants Aaron Rodgers Back Except For The Fans

Charlie discusses the Matt LaFleur press conference where he talks about Aaron Rodgers’ future. Everyone wants Aaron Rodgers back except for the fans. Charlie dives into that a little bit. He talks about three things – Rodgers’ politics, the innate ability to come up big,

Going To The AFC Should Scare Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers might get moved. It is the headline from the weekend of the teams who lost. I think a lot of Green Bay Packers fans have come to peace with the idea that Rodgers is leaving and/or the Packers are ready for a fresh

PODCAST: Playing The Packers’ Blame Game After Another Heartbreak

Charlie discusses one thing and one thing only, the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers. He talks about why this hurt so much more and is one of the worst losses of all time. Then he plays the blame game of who

PODCAST: The Return of Marquette Basketball To Relevancy

Charlie discusses the major Marquette victory over Villanova to start the show with a more in-depth look as to why this is their moment back to relevancy. He also hands out Golden Kegs. Charlie moves on to talk about the Milwaukee Bucks and their inconsistencies

A Guide For Packers Fans Who Have Bucks Tickets Saturday Night

When the playoff schedule came out for the National Football League, it put fans of the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers in the crosshairs. At the time, the Bucks had a game against Sacramento Kings at 7:00 pm which is the same time as