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PODCAST: How The Big 10 Fumbled Their Biggest Weekend of the Year

The Daily Tap podcast is a four to five times a week podcast covering all the hot topics in the state of Wisconsin. Charlie, the host, opens up today’s show talking about college football and the Big 10. How the conference screwed up their biggest

Bucks 119 Indiana 109: Death, Taxes & Bucks Beating the Pacers

In the review that you will watch below, you see me shitting all over Indiana. I have no reason to really hate the Pacers. I liked Reggie Miller as a kid. Thought that the Pacers were the ‘cool’ team to cheer for against the Chicago

Still Don’t Know How Khris Middleton Made This Shot

Milwaukee Bucks had a nice win over the Indiana Pacers on Monday night. Bucks won 119-109. We’ll talk more about that in the review later today. But what we also need to talk about is how Khris Middleton made this shot that I embedded below.

PODCAST: Packers Can Survive Without Adams & Barry

The Daily Tap podcast is a near-daily podcast where host Charlie talks about everything that is happening in Wisconsin sports. Charlie starts today’s show discussing Davante Adams and Joe Barry getting COVID-19. What does that mean for Thursday and why the Packers can survive without

PODCAST: Are The Packers The Sleeping Giants Of NFC Contenders?

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast covering the biggest topics in the State of Wisconsin. On today’s show, Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers’ big win against the Washington Football Team. Why the Packers might be the sleeping giants of the

Packers 24 WFT 10: This Defense Might Make Me a Believer

Green Bay Packers are not winning in the prettiest of ways. The push down the field, put 30 points a game on you Packers have not been found this season. There is a chance that comes back to the Green Bay Packers, but right now,

Bucks-Heat Betting Preview: Will Bucks Keep Dominating the Heat?

Milwaukee Bucks pounded the Heat for four games in the playoffs. It wasn’t pretty. They played really well throughout that series. Only once did the Bucks not cover. That was Game 1 which had the Heat as six-point underdogs and it came down to the

PODCAST: Why Rodgers Has Nothing To Do With Packers’ Recent Signings

On today’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie discusses the Whitney Mercelius signing with a tweet from Michael Silver insinuating that Aaron Rodgers is making all these moves happen. Why that isn’t true. With all the young quarterbacks out there? (0-19 minutes). Charlie talks about

Bobby Portis Doesn’t Believe What P.J. Tucker Is Selling

Milwaukee Bucks get ready to take on the Miami Heat tonight. This will be the Bucks’ first road game, and the Heat will be playing for the first time all season. There is a lot of reasons for Heat fans to be excited about this

PODCAST: Bucks’ Overreactions After Big Brooklyn Win

On today’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about the Milwaukee Bucks winning their first game of the season against the Brooklyn Nets. He talks about the play of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks bench, the Nets needing Kyrie, and much more. Charlie also discusses