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My Top Five New Food Items at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is admittingly tough for me this year. I have my wedding in a little over a month, and when State Fair starts, we will be in the 20-day range. Now of course, we’re all trying to keep ourselves relatively skinny and

Our Nickname Suggestions For Lake Country’s New Baseball Team

Lake Country is joining the realm of cities in Southeastern Wisconsin with a professional baseball team. They will be playing in the independent baseball league that the Milwaukee Milkmen play in starting in 2022. The facility looks top of the line and will feature many

Summerfest 2021 Announces a Strong Lineup in Its Return

Summerfest is returning to Milwaukee in September. They will be doing it over the span of three weekends in September starting with Labor Day Weekend and ending the 18th of September. While they did not know how the pandemic would go, Summerfest could have probably

The Milwaukee Draft With Murph & Mitch | Tapping The Keg 414

SnoTapWI Network ยท The Milwaukee Draft With Murph & Mitch | Tapping The Keg 414 On a special edition of Tapping The Keg, Mitch and Charlie are joined by Murph and they draft what are the most Milwaukee things in the city? They have to

Trinity Three Irish Pubs Competing For Barstool Sports’ Best Bar

Barstool Sports hosts an annual ‘Best Bar’ competition that features bars all across the country vying for their shot to be considered the best. This is run by their college outlet, so, the Milwaukee representative fits in perfectly. Trinity Three Irish Pubs with the representative

Love To See Some of My Milwaukee Bar Favorties Get Featured In National Commercial

American Express is currently running an ad for their partnership with the NBA about the bars affected by the pandemic. The large credit card company came up with the ‘shop small’ mantra years ago, and now, they’ve also added ‘dine small’ to help restaurants during

City of Milwaukee’s Tyrannical Approach to Bars Makes Little Sense.

News came out yesterday that the City of Milwaukee will enforce more fines against bars and restaurants that are not following the rules. They basically have hired a snitch office that will go and investigate each place for the city. The cases all across the

BrandyLand Will Be Hottest Board Game in Wisconsin This Summer

Wisconsinites love to drink. You know that, I know that. The folks at Drink Wisconsinbly have built a brand out of this. It is truly impressive to see what they’ve created throughout the years leaning into the drinking culture of Wisconsin. They have a bar

Milwaukee Driver Flips Car Over Interstate in Insane 70-Foot Fall

This is the most insane video of the year. Yes, it is true. This is a wild video from the traffic cameras caught on Saturday morning. A driver was riding along in his pickup truck and he did a barrel roll with his truck 70

How Expensive Is It To Watch Your Wisconsin Team Play In Person?

In 2020, there are very few people who went to sporting events here in the state of Wisconsin. The lucky ones were able to go see Green Bay play, but that was about it. No Milwaukee Brewers games or Milwaukee Bucks games as well as