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Why Brewers’ Interleague Record Shouldn’t Concern You

Milwaukee Brewers struggled again with an AL Central opponent. They dropped two games to the Detroit Tigers during the week losing two straight games where the offense was nonexistent. Milwaukee scored a total of one run. Call it a hangover from an awesome weekend, but

Ryan Braun Forever: One Of The Best Brewers’ Ever Says Goodbye

Ryan Braun was one of my favorite athletes of my lifetime. Braun entered my life right when I started college. In my opinion, that is an optimal time for a sports star to enter into your life. It is either that or when you are

Brewers Scored More Runs Than Packers Twice This Weekend

Milwaukee Brewers are the team to pay attention to in the next few weeks. The brewers had an amazing weekend that will likely get lost in the shuffle. Everyone will be talking about the Packers today while forgetting what an amazing weekend this was for

Look Out National League: Christian Yelich is Feelin’ Himself Again

Christian Yelich is feeling good again. We’ve heard this before from the Brewers’ outfielder, but he seems to feel like things are going well for him at the plate. Yelich had a three-hit night in the Brewers’ 10-0 victory against the Philadelphia Phillies. In the

Lauer & Houser Are Bringing The Best Out Of Each Other

Milwaukee Brewers won yesterday, 10-0. It was a great win for the Brewers after they got beat up by the Philadelphia Phillies the day before. This was a beautiful combination of great pitching with timely hitting. This is exactly what you like to see. This

Avisail Garcia Absolutely Murdered a Baseball Tonight

Milwaukee Brewers had themselves a night. After getting absolutely shitpumped against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Brewers come right off the mat to do their own version winning 10-0. Eric Lauer was terrific. But the moment of the game was Avisail Garcia who put a complete

Tapping The Keg Game Review: Brewers Have to Figure Out The Phillies

Milwaukee Brewers have now lost five straight games against the Philadelphia Phillies. I know what you’ll say… ‘Charlie, they lost to the Phillies when this was barely a team back in May.’ Sure, that’s true, but still, you need to be able to beat teams

Corbin ‘Cy’ Burnes Leads Most Major NL Pitching Catagories

Corbin Burnes did not have the prime stuff on Sunday. He was good, but not great. It’s bullshit he got charged for three runs yesterday. That was an error by Escobar and giving Burnes those runs is fucking ridiculous. That is not home cooking when

Tapping The Keg Game Review: Grand Slam Winner for the Brew Crew

What a game, man. These are the reviews I live for. The ones where it’s totally unexpected and you are just fired up from what happened with your team. These reviews rock. When Dan Vogelbach stepped to the plate, my thought process was ‘just a

LISTEN: Bob Uecker’s Call of Dan Vogelbach’s Walk-Off Grand Slam

Daniel Vogelbach walked it off for the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday afternoon. It felt like a game where the Brewers were not going to win, but they kept chipping away at the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen. Finally, there was a breakthrough. Jackie Bradley Jr. started