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What Is Tyler Herro Wearing On His Face? Wrong Answers Only

Tyler Herro is easily the most interesting Wisconsin athlete of all time. Wisconsinites have a deep love for people who come from their state… Except for Herro. The reason is pretty simple. He did not go to Wisconsin after backing up on his commitment and

BrandyLand Will Be Hottest Board Game in Wisconsin This Summer

Wisconsinites love to drink. You know that, I know that. The folks at Drink Wisconsinbly have built a brand out of this. It is truly impressive to see what they’ve created throughout the years leaning into the drinking culture of Wisconsin. They have a bar

Worst Kept Secret Confirmed: Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers Are Engaged!

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are an officially engaged couple. They’ve been a for while now according to the actress who sat down with Jimmy Fallon yesterday. Rodgers has always seemed to have his love life in the news is now set to be married

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 12: MTV’s Heavy Edits Made For Weird Week

Last week’s episode of The Challenge felt weird, right? Things seemed all sliced together. Then it was 8:00p and the show were over. It did not go the full 90 minutes. Thanks to the wonderful world of Reddit, we learned that MTV heavily edited the

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 11: When Things Starting Getting Real

When I write these Challenge Power Rankings, they’re mostly for fun and not serious typically. But things got real over the last week. Dee Nguyen made offensive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. MTV and The Challenge severed ties with her a few days

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 10: Red Skull Envy

It appears the lust of the red skull will be real in the coming weeks. As we get closer and closer to the end, it appears the red skull has and have not’s will be a major factor. It appears that Johnny Bananas and Wes

The ChallengeCap: Rookies Reign Supreme Once Again

There are certain Challenge years where the rookies are the class of the group. This is one of those years. The rookie class this year is like the 2003 NBA Draft. They’re showing out regularly. Last week, Fessy took down Jordan with ease (Granted if

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 9: Expect The Unpredictable

The Challenge knew things were getting stale with their game. The same contenders year in and year out. The producers knew they had to shake things up. They did just that. This game requires everyone who wants to be in the final to win an

SnoTapWI Top Five: Worst Days of the Year

It is nearly lunchtime on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. I know you’re struggling. We all are. You ate too much over the weekend, you drank too much, and probably didn’t get enough water. Even in times of quarantine, it is assumed you went outside

The ChallengeCap: New Format Knocks Out Another Contender

This season of The Challenge is doing the opposite of what it usually does in a season. Due to the need to win a Purgatory, some stars are leaving earlier than expected. We already saw contenders like CT and Ashley get bounced. Then we see