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PODCAST: How Packers’ Offense Beats the San Francisco Defense

Charlie starts off the podcast with talking about all the ways that the Green Bay Packers’ offense can beat the San Francisco 49ers. Charlie discusses things like the Rodgers-Adams connection, not forgetting Allen Lazard, the running attack, and much more. Charlie talks about the Milwaukee

PODCAST: Early Storylines For Packers-Niners Playoff Showdown

Charlie returns from his Hawaii vacation to give Wisconsin sports fans, The Daily Tap. Charlie talks about the early storylines for the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers. Charlie looks at those who don’t believe in the Packers, Davante Adams’ dominance against the Niners,

PODCAST: Is Aaron Rodgers The Biggest Lightning Rod In Sports?

Charlie talks about why he thinks Aaron Rodgers might be the biggest lightning rod in all of sports when it comes to debates about him and taking sides with him. Charlie also talks about other nominees like LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and many others (0-17

PODCAST: Why The Playoffs Running Through Lambeau Will Be Different This Year

Charlie talks about why this year will be different than last for the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. He also explains how this team is easily the best team in football and there is no else close (0-13 minutes). Charlie also gives out his

PODCAST: Top Wisconsin Sports Moments & Games For 2021

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network ยท Top Wisconsin Sports Moments & Games For 2021 | The Daily Tap Charlie looks back on 2021 for Wisconsin sports from a moments and games perspective. Charlie talks about the Milwaukee Bucks’ championship, fans returning, Aaron Rodgers drama, and

PODCAST: Who Should Packers Worry About The Most In The Playoffs?

Charlie & Mitch talk about the Packers’ playoff teams that scare them the most this playoff season. They talk about Tampa Bay, Dallas, Kansas City, and Tennessee along with a lot of other things woven in there (0-36 minutes). Charlie and Mitch move on to

PODCAST: All Wisconsin Sports Fans Want For Christmas Is…

The Daily Tap podcast is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Charlie talks about what a Wisconsin sports fan would want for Christmas for all the teams that are discussed here regularly starting with the Packers and ending with Badgers football. He also previews the Browns-Packers

PODCAST: Packers’ Playoff Ghosts of The Past, The Present & The Future

The Tapping The Keg podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Charlie & Mitch. The boys talk about the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and a story from their own past. Charlie and Mitch get into the Christmas spirit by talking about the Packers’ playoff

PODCAST: NFC North Titles Show The Packers Are An NFL Model For Consistency

The Daily Tap’s Monday podcast focuses on the Green Bay Packers & Marquette Golden Eagles. At the start, Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers winning the NFC North again and why you should celebrate these instead of shrug them off. Charlie also talks about

PODCAST: Packers’ Media Has a Problem With Pat McAfee

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Today’s topics are mostly about the Green Bay Packers. Based on a Twitter interaction, the host Charlie had, he opens up a discussion about Pat McAfee and the issues that the media locally has with him.