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PODCAST: WI Sports Fans Hate Watch Rankings In Honor of Celtics-Warriors

After the long-awaited hiatus, the Tapping The Keg boys are back with another podcast. They talk about watching the Celtics and the Warriors as Bucks fans. Will this be a tough series to watch for fans? Or has everyone made peace? The boys feel the

PODCAST: Packers OTA Overreactions Are At An All-Time High

Charlie returns for another day of The Daily Tap. He is talking Green Bay Packers OTA overreactions to start the show. Why he does not believe the Packers season will be decided in May or June. Additionally, why do people need to chill out about

PODCAST: Bucks Could Easily Trade For Kevin Durant; Should They?

Charlie has another edition of The Daily Tap as you get closer to the end of the workweek. Charlie talks about the possibility of trading Kevin Durant to the Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, that is a thing that could happen. Durant is frustrated with management in

PODCAST: Giannis’ Potential All-Time Greatness Has No Ceiling

Charlie is back with another edition of The Daily Tap. He discusses why Giannis Antetokounmpo has no limit to his greatness. Charlie talks about his recent accolades as an all-NBA player and compares it with Michael Jordan. Why there are some things that will be

PODCAST: The Perils & Joys Of Late Night Brewers Baseball

Charlie returns with a little different version of The Daily Tap today. Charlie recaps the Milwaukee Brewers game immediately after a late-night disappointment. He explains the joys and the pains of the late-night baseball when living in the Midwest. He also introduces his new topic

PODCAST: Previewing Brewers-Padres With Devine Sports Gospel

Charlie is joined by a special guest today on The Daily Tap. Matt Devine of Devine Sports Gospel sits down with him to talk about the Brewers-Padres series and much much more. Matt tries to sell Charlie and the rest of the Brewers nation on

PODCAST: Catching You Up On The Brewers Season So Far

Turning the page on the Bucks season and becoming a Brewers fan again? Charlie gets you caught up on everything you need to know about the Milwaukee Brewers so far this season. Starting with the pitching staff and moving on to the offense. Charlie discusses

PODCAST: Bucks Therapy Session & A Lookahead To The Offseason

Charlie & Mitch return from a week’s hiatus to talk about the Milwaukee Bucks exit from the postseason. Charlie & Mitch try to find all the angles possible with the Bucks’ story from this season and discuss all of them. They also talk about the

PODCAST: Bucks Miss Golden Opportunity To Go Back To Back

Milwaukee Bucks are done and Charlie is here to talk about it. He explains why Milwaukee missed a golden opportunity to go Back to Back. The absence of Khris Middleton was felt in Game 7 plus some other thoughts before diving into this one. The

PODCAST: Best Case & Worst Case Scenarios For Bucks-Celtics Game 3 & 4

Milwaukee Bucks get ready for their big Game 3 against the Boston Celtics and Charlie is here to talk all about it. He discusses on the podcast what would be the best and worst-case scenarios from each of the games. He also chats about who