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Most Important Badgers Game In Years, Brady-Rodgers End Of An Era | Tapping The Keg Podcast

Charlie & Mitch are back for Tapping The Keg. This week, they’re talking about why this is one of the most important Badgers games in the last few years. They explain why Wisconsin has to show up against Ohio State and if they do not,

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: The Most Important Badgers Football Storylines For 2022 Season

Mitch and Charlie are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast where they’re previewing the Wisconsin Badgers. They talk about all things Badgers for a good part of the podcast. Things covered… Braelon Allen’s success, how will Bobby Engram do? Can Graham

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Reasons to Believe In Brewers Still & Reasons To Cuncel

Charlie & Mitch are back in action and they’re talking about the state of the Milwaukee Brewers. There are reasons to think the Brewers still have a chance to be a playoff team while there are other reasons not to believe. The boys also discussed

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Jordan Love Joins The Overanalyzed WI Sports All-Stars

Charlie and Mitch are back a little earlier this week talking about all things Wisconsin sports. They start by talking about Jordan Love and his first preseason game. Why Love is being looked at under a microscope and why it happens to a lot of

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: The Great Josh Hader Debate

Charlie and Mitch react to the Josh Hader deadline deal with two sides of the argument. Charlie talks about how the organization is seeing the deal with the Hader deal. While Mitch talks about the disappointment that he sees from this deal. Additionally, Mitch discusses

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST 468: Bucks Championship Window Is Wide Open

Mitch & Charlie return for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast and they’re talking about the Milwaukee Bucks’ championship window. After a day of celebrating the Bucks’ first title, the question is when will they get their next one? Charlie & Mitch believe

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Why Josh Hader Isn’t On The Trading Block This Summer

Charlie returns for another edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about why the Josh Hader trade discussions on Monday were foolish. And discussed what would happen for him to get moved + why it makes sense this winter. Charlie also talks about Craig Counsell

PODCAST: Bucks 2022 Free Agency Preview

Charlie & Mitch get you ready for NBA Free Agency by discussing all of the different options for the Milwaukee Bucks. They talk about everyone that the Internet is discussing like Gary Harris, Otto Potter, Mo Bamba, Patty Mills, and many more. Charlie & Mitch

PODCAST: The Types Of Panic Buttons That WI Sports Fans Push

Charlie & Mitch are back in the saddle this week with another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. The boys talk about the types of panic buttons that fans push. Why Packers fandom is to blame for other fanbases in Wisconsin being quick to

PODCAST: Rodgers’ Retirement Rumors Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

Charlie returns for The Daily Tap on Friday and he kicks it off by talking about Aaron Rodgers. There are retirement rumors in the air and why Charlie says that Packers fans should not be shocked. This is common with older quarterbacks if their name