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PODCAST: Matt LaFleur Is Making The Right Call Playing His Starters

Charlie discusses why Matt LaFleur is right to play his starters next week against the Detroit Lions. The risks are there but getting everyone in a rhythm outweighs that risk. Charlie also talks about why Matt LaFleur cannot get robbed from Coach of the Year

PODCAST: Why The Playoffs Running Through Lambeau Will Be Different This Year

Charlie talks about why this year will be different than last for the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. He also explains how this team is easily the best team in football and there is no else close (0-13 minutes). Charlie also gives out his

Greg Jennings Has Only Himself To Blame For Ruining His Rodgers’ Relationship

Greg Jennings used to be a fixture on the blog and the podcast. We talked about him a lot. It seemed for awhile that Jennings would find his way into the local media circle then it would become a story. And the way he found

PODCAST: Will the Packers Handle Being The Favorites in NFC & NFL?

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Charlie talks about why the Green Bay Packers are the favorites in the NFC right now and maybe all of football. How will they handle that? We discuss. Charlie also talks about why Bears’ fans are

PODCAST: Why NFL MVP (And All MVP Awards) Don’t Matter As Much Anymore

Tapping The Keg podcast is the Daily Tap’s weekly big brother hosted by Charlie & Mitch recapping everything from the State of Wisconsin. Charlie and Mitch start off the show by talking about why MVPs do not matter that much anymore. Even though Aaron Rodgers

PODCAST: Packers’ Special Teams Could Cost Them A Super Bowl

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Teams discussed today are the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie talks about the special teams and what a disaster they are. Why he worries that it could cost the Packers a Super Bowl

PODCAST: Rodgers or Wilson? – Who Would Rather Have Right Now?

Tapping The Keg podcast is a weekly podcast with Charlie & Mitch where they go over the biggest Wisconsin sports topics for the week. The boys start the show talking about the Packers-Seahawks matchup and a potential Odell Beckham Jr hookup in Green Bay. They

Bucks-Knicks Game Review: The Pat Connaughton Game

Milwaukee Bucks played their third game in four nights against New York. It was also the second time they played New York in the last week. In the first game, Milwaukee kicked the shit out of them for the first three quarters of the game.

PODCAST: How The Big 10 Fumbled Their Biggest Weekend of the Year

The Daily Tap podcast is a four to five times a week podcast covering all the hot topics in the state of Wisconsin. Charlie, the host, opens up today’s show talking about college football and the Big 10. How the conference screwed up their biggest

Are the Packers ‘For Real’ or Frauds? + Brewers on the Brink | The Daily Tap Podcast

Today’s edition of The Daily Tap talks about the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Milwaukee’s version of pulling a Cusack. Charlie discusses if the Packers are ‘for real or if they’re ‘frauds through five games of the season (0-15 minutes). Charlie talks about what