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PODCAST: Bucks Run It Back With Bobby & The Boys + A New Face

Charlie returns for The Daily Tap to talk about the first day of Milwaukee Bucks’ free agency. Bobby Portis re-signed with the team and what that means to the Milwaukee Bucks. Why Joe Ingles is a great fit for the Bucks as they sign him

PODCAST: Top Packers Storylines That Everyone Will Be Talking About At Training Camp

Charlie begins today’s edition of The Daily Tap by talking about the top storylines that people will be discussing at training camp. The topics that he includes are the nasty Packers defense, getting used to the wide receivers, David Bakhtiari’s health, and much more (0-13

PODCAST: Why The Brewers’ Consistent Injuries Might Cap Their Ceiling

Charlie discusses the Milwaukee Brewers to kick off today’s edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about the injuries and how they’ve put a damper on this season from the offense to the pitching staff. Charlie also talks about the overreaction to Davante Adams’s comments

PODCAST: Who Are The Brewers’ Willy Adames Breakout Candidates for 2022

Charlie returns from the Memorial Day Weekend to talk about potential breakout candidates for the Milwaukee Brewers. He talks about the impact of Willy Adames last year and who could have that same sort of left for the Crew? Tyrone Taylor and Aaron Ashby are

PODCAST: Bucks Should Have Fought For The One Seed

Charlie finishes up the week with the Friday edition of The Daily Tap. As the Boston Celtics get close to winning a championship, Charlie laments the Milwaukee Bucks for missing out on a one-seed. Why if the Bucks were the one, they could be the

PODCAST: Grading the Bucks Starters for the 21-22 Season

Charlie wraps up the week with another edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about the Milwaukee Bucks’ starters and what their grades would be for the season. Charlie discusses the grades he gives Giannis, Jrue, Khris, Wes, and Brook. Then he talks about the

PODCAST: In-Depth Packers Schedule Breakdown With Murph

Charlie is joined by special guest Murph on the podcast today to talk about the Green Bay Packers schedule. The guys go through it from start to finish talking about each game. They discuss the storylines from each game and talk early betting lines along

PODCAST: Bucks Headed to Round 2 + Milwaukee-Boston Opening Thoughts

Charlie & Mitch start off today’s edition of Tapping The Keg podcast by talking about the Milwaukee Bucks win against the Chicago Bulls. Why didn’t the Bulls show up for this one? Will Bucks lose their playoff intensity from this game? Charlie doesn’t think so.

PODCAST: How The Bucks Survive Without Khris Middleton

Charlie reacts right after the Milwaukee Bucks’ loss to the Chicago Bulls. Charlie discusses the Khris Middleton injury and how the Bucks can survive without him in the short-term or the long-term. Also, he recaps Game 2 and talks about what went wrong (0-19 minutes).

PODCAST: Bucks Did The Right Thing Getting The Third Seed

Charlie starts the podcast talking about the Milwaukee Bucks deciding to get the three seed versus the two seed and why it makes sense. And why it made more sense after Luka Doncic gets hurt against the San Antonio Spurs (0-22 minutes). Charlie gives some