CBS Takes A Massive Tony Romo Risk

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo retired on Tuesday morning then Romo announced he will be joining Jim Nantz in the broadcast booth as the number one color analyst. That’s quite a leap in one offseason. It doesn’t surprise people that Romo will be move into the broadcast booth, but it does surprise people that he will be the number one guy. The more I think about CBS does have a great amount of risk here, but there are some thought to “What’s the worst that can happen?”

I’m not really concerned about Jim Nantz meshing with him as he’s a pro’s pro. Nantz got new partners in college basketball multiple times with Clark Kellogg then Grant Hill and Bill Raftery (Not his fault, Hill sucks ass). He will get to know Tony, and they can work well together. Nantz will also serve as a mentor to him showing him the ropes. I get the media’s fury about him getting a top spot, but who else is there at CBS, right now? Dan Fouts? He failed as a top broadcaster and has great chemistry with Ian Eagle. Rich Gannon is average. Therefore, Romo is a good solve and Phil Simms probably goes to Kevin Harlan’s team.

The other part of this is ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ CBS knows damn well that people hated Simms, and honestly, the hate on Romo probably won’t compare to what CBS received from their last color guy. If Romo is a disaster, they’ll add a third person with more experience into the booth to help him out since this team will have the Super Bowl in two years. Also, Alex Rodriguez is a huge reason why this is happening so quick. A-Rod has been so good for the first two years of his time at FOX during the playoffs analyzing the game, and he could easily be up in the booth breaking it down. CBS thinks Romo can do the same whether they’ll say it or not.

Best of luck on your retirement, Tony. Unless you pull a Favre that is….


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