Ezekiel Elliott Gives Touchdown Celly of the Year

ZEKEEEE! I love Ezekiel Elliott and I don’t care who knows it. Sure, this is dirty considering the deep hate between Packers-Cowboys through the years, but honestly, it’s hard not to love Zeke. He’s the best. I also love it when he makes me money which is a consistent theme. Elliott rushed for 159 yards on 23 carries with a touchdown. But the play of the night happened when he jumped in the Salvation Army bucket.

That’s an awesome celebration. It highlights a popular charity in the winter and hilarious. He will get fined and hopefully, the money will go to Salvation Army. I cannot wait for the Social Justice Warriors to come out in full force talking about the Salvation Army denies LGBT members, and that’s going to be the hot contration take on the internet because we can’t just have fucking fun with something anymore. Hell, people called Star Wars: Rogue One, the biggest ‘Pro-Trump movie of 2016’ in case you’re wondering what folks will do for clicks.

Elliott said after the game whatever he’s fined by the league, he’ll match it with a donation to the Salvation Army.


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