Kawhi Leonard Shaves Off His Braids

San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard had an iconic look. It was a quiet guy who rocked braids when no one else had that hairstyle in popular culture. People loved it because Leonard did it as a way to differentiate himself from everyone else as he kept to himself. Leonard went away from that look in a photo he took with some people as he worked out this offseason. Some think it’s the craziest move they’ve seen thus far from the young NBA offseason.

I’m sort of surprised on why this is a big deal. Like the guy got a fucking haircut. Sure, he wore braids for all of his NBA career and college yet who is that concerned about what a guy does with hair? I love how Leonard did it without telling anyone unlike LeBron James, and I also love Leonard did it when he basically had the waterfront property of dudes who wore braids in professional sports.

My guess is Kawhi will either have them back by November or December or the new look is here to stay for awhile.


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