LaMelo Ball Can Kick Rocks

Okay, I know this kid is 14, but seriously, he can fuck right off. I’m not going to sound like a crusty suburban white guy whose jeans are too short and my shirt tucked in like a dope. But LaMelo Ball is an asshole. If I’m the opposing coach, Ball is getting fouled hard until the final whistle of the game. This is a dickhead behavior. This isn’t a blog rant about ‘This is wrong with today’s culture,’ rather, I hope LaMelo actually has more than highlights as an eighth grader or freshman in high school. I’ve seen this before. Ever heard of O.J. Mayo? What about Sam McGuffie? Ball will probably be a great college player given how his brothers, Lonzo and LiAngelo, but still, this is goddamn dumb.

Usually. I’m all about the disrespectful plays, but this one irks me the wrong way. I can’t explain it. Maybe, it’s so arrogant and I have a little bit of standards when it comes to brash basketball.


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