My Weird Relationship As a College Football Fan | The Daily Tap Podcast

The Daily Tap is back after the wedding hiatus. Charlie talks about that for a bit before getting started today (0-6 minutes). Then he talks about the cool partnership he’s doing with Playaction Pools (6-8 minutes). Then they get into the show. Charlie talks about his weird relationship with college football. Why it’s a sport he loves but he has a hard time with it given his enjoyment of Marquette basketball and the mubb community on Twitter. But this year, he’s owning it (8-21 minutes). Charlie also talks about the Badgers’ surprising choice to roll with Chez Mullinari at running back over Jalen Berger plus some early thoughts about Penn State (21-28 minutes). Lastly, he talks about the Brewers’ solid win against the San Francisco Giants (28-36 minutes).

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