TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: 2022 Green Bay Packers Preview

Green Bay Packers are the main focus for the Tapping The Keg crew as Charlie & Mitch preview the season. They talk about questions, things to get excited about, overreactions, and much more. It starts with the offense and then goes to the defense and

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Labor Day Weekend Sports Music Mashup With ShayKenn

Charlie returns with a new podcast format. The title is a working one. This will not be under The Daily Tap umbrella soon enough but it starts here. Charlie teams up with newest Tapping The Keg contributor ShayKenn to find out what songs work perfectly

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: The Most Important Badgers Football Storylines For 2022 Season

Mitch and Charlie are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast where they’re previewing the Wisconsin Badgers. They talk about all things Badgers for a good part of the podcast. Things covered… Braelon Allen’s success, how will Bobby Engram do? Can Graham

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Surprise or No Surprise? Breaking Down Packers First 53-Man Roster

Charlie opens The Daily Tap podcast discussing the Green Bay Packers 53-man roster. He goes position-by-position starting with the quarterback and ending with the special teams. For each of them, Charlie breaks down if the guys in their position are either a ‘surprise’ or ‘not

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Are Brewers Finally Getting Hot Or Is This Just Another Tease?

Charlie discusses another great Brewers win after the Crew wins in walk-off fashion on Monday night. Is this the start of something special for the Brewers or is this a mirage? Charlie explains why it could feel a bit different this time versus the last

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Reasons to Believe In Brewers Still & Reasons To Cuncel

Charlie & Mitch are back in action and they’re talking about the state of the Milwaukee Brewers. There are reasons to think the Brewers still have a chance to be a playoff team while there are other reasons not to believe. The boys also discussed

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: After Rodgers’ Comments, It Makes Less Sense Why Davante Adams Left

Davante Adams is the kickoff topic for today’s edition of The Daily Tap. Charlie discusses his comments about Aaron Rodgers. Adams praises Rodgers as the best in the game and had a ‘Jordan effect’ on the locker room. If Adams felt this way, why did

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Burning Questions About The Packers 53-Man Roster

Charlie kicks off today’s edition of The Daily Tap podcast by discussing what questions you might have about the Packers roster. He breaks down things like why is Tyler Davis going to likely make the team. Should the Packers keep seven wide receivers? Will Zach

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Who To Blame For Brewers’ Clubhouse Hader Drama?

Despite the Brewers’ great win on Monday night, Charlie had some thoughts on Eric Lauer’s comments on Sunday about the team’s overall frustration about how the Josh Hader trade went down. Why David Stearns deserves some blame plus Charlie’s bold prediction on Craig Counsell (0-15

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Will this Brewers’ Walk-Off Be The Momentum They’ve Been Looking For?

Charlie starts The Daily Tap by talking about the Milwaukee Brewers dramatic win to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers. He recaps that and wonders if the Milwaukee Brewers will use this to carry them with some positive momentum for the first time since the Josh