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Brewers Bullpen Continues To Be A Nightmare

In 2012, people forget that Brewers actually had a good team. Prince Fielder had left for Detroit. But Brewers had a strong season from Ryan Braun, an emerging Jonathan Lucroy, Yovani Gallardo pitched great all season, and team got a strong half year from Zack

Should MLB & Umpires Be In Control Of Rain Delays?

Today, many radio topics in the local market will focus on the rain delay on Saturday between Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs. Most Brewers fans, media and front office feel slighted by Chicago as the game could have played without any issue a couple hours

BrewCap: Cubs Bats Bash Brewers In Blowout

This kind of felt inevitable, didn’t it? Brewers’ brass runs their mouth about Chicago Cubs, and they follow it up by getting their asses kicked. It didn’t motivate Cubs, but it’s just something that tends to happen on occasion. Jake Arrieta struggled all May, but

Brewers Send Fightin’ Words To Cubs Over Rain Delay

I regret to inform you all that the bad boy Brewers are officially back. When Milwaukee is at their best over Yost, Roenicke and now Counsell, they played with an edge about them. It’s only a matter of time before a team gets mad at

BrewCap: First Place Brewers Sounds Great

Milwaukee Brewers fans probably didn’t think the term ‘first place’ would be something they hear this season. Chicago Cubs were fresh off a World Series, and everyone thought they would run it back for another trip. But Brewers started off with a .500 April and

The Last Days of Wily Peralta Starting For Milwaukee

At the end of 2014, Wily Peralta looked like a near-ace for Milwaukee Brewers. He finished off his season on a high note versus emerging Chicago Cubs by striking out 13 batters in seven innings allowing five hits and one run. Everyone thought that Peralta

Kyle Schwarber Heads Into Stands For Unreal Catch

New York Yankees-Chicago Cubs played a marathon of a baseball game to close out Sunday slate. Yankees end up with the sweep pulling it out in the 18th inning and look like the best team in baseball. One of the bigger moments of the game

Cubs Anger At Coach For Thames’ Comments Is Encouraging

Eric Thames did cool down over the weekend. He did not hit a home run in his last four games. I’m sure people are wondering if he’s in a slump, but that’s not the case likely. I’m embracing the Cards hate if Thames has a

Kid’s Hard Work Gets Rewarded With Cub Tickets

This thing took off at the end of the day today regarding a Cubs fan named Kolt who is nine years old get rewarded with tickets against St. Louis Cardinals for his hard work on the farm and on the baseball diamond. As you know,

BrewCap: Bullpen Falls Apart Again For Milwaukee

It’s crazy to think Milwaukee Brewers could be 8-1 on this road trip. That’s amazing to think about truly given how people perceived this team to start the season. After a 55-minute rain delay, Brewers and Cubs got underway for the final game of their