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There’s A Major Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Happening

Good morning on a Monday. I didn’t expect to write about Avril Lavigne, but here we are. There’s a big time conspiracy going around the internet this weekend about the former pop wannabe punk superstar being actually dead and replaced by a clone. It’s a

Aaron Rodgers’ Kentucky Derby Suit Was Flames

Aaron Rodgers is a regular at the Kentucky Derby. The recently single Packers quarterback’s first event out since his breakup with Olivia Munn. There weren’t many pictures of Rodgers, but Yahoo! News Katie Couric grab a photo with Packers quarterback and New England Patriots quarterback

Ciara & Russell Wilson Continue To Be The Weirdest

I’m sure you saw the picture that Ciara posted yesterday afternoon. If you didn’t, the singer had a photo with her holding Future Jr. in her arms whilst naked and pregnant. Behind her is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson holding the pregnant stomach of his

Nothing Funnier Than Migos Performing On Ellen

This might be my favorite video on the Internet in quite some time. Migos, the rap group, is one of the big winners so far in 2017. They are everywhere. After a year or two of being popular only with the Internet, the Atlanta group

Bruce Springsteen & Young Aussie Fan Jam Together On Stage

Bruce Springsteen is one of the best performers you can see live. I saw him in Milwaukee last March. He was incredible. It’s what everyone tells you about him. Springstreen went for three hours and 30 minutes without any bathroom breaks. He still tours around

Future Cashing Dem Checks & I’m Not Mad At Him

Future is mainstream on the internet and in the hip-hop community especially the latter. I remember when I worked at a radio station years ago, Future sold out the lower part of The Rave. It was a wild show, and one of the better ‘I

Bachelor Nick Is A Clueless Trainwreck

The Bachelor has been must-see TV for me since I’ve started dating my girlfriend. I watched it tonight without her while she hung out in the W-A-U-SAU. I carried the flag and sat on my couch in amazement about how Nick Viall, the Milwaukee native,

Olivia Munn & Aaron Rodgers Tying The Knot?

Well… Well… Well… What do we have here? Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers were partying in Beverly Hills over the weekend, and it appears Munn has a large rock on her left ring finger. A kind of rock that most would agree is an engagement

Marshawn Lynch Needs A Travel Show

Marshawn Lynch is living his retirement right. It’s been about a year since Lynch announced his retirement from football, and no athlete expanded their brand more than him. The Skittles sponsorship has been a great one and it proved great for Beast Mode again for

Manziel Tweets Trump Then Deletes Account

There’s never a dull day with Johnny Manziel on Twitter. Last night, we saw him at the New England Patriots game repping gear for the ‘GOAT’ Tom Brady as he called it. This afternoon, he basically told President Donald Trump to ignore the haters. In