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Greg Jennings Continues To Live A Sad Life

It’s a shame that former Green Bay Packers Greg Jennings lives the life that he does right now. The man is a walking headline for ‘bashing Aaron Rodgers’ fan club. There’s no former player that’s worse at it. Jermichael Finley runs his mouth too, but

Ranking The Best Packers Non-Super Bowl Playoff Wins

Someone tweeted out after Green Bay beat Dallas in thrilling fashion, ‘This is the most thrilling Packers game since ____.’ I thought about this for awhile and remembered how many bad losses that have ended Packers seasons were such good games. Like Arizona 2009, San

Do You Believe In The Favre Curse?

Mitch and I on the soon-to-be award-winning podcast Tapping The Keg have a ‘Packer Pinhead Report’ where we get takes from crazy Packers fans. I think a week ago this would be a part of it. But it’s fair to wonder if Aaron Rodgers would

Packers Embarrassed Themselves in 30-16 Loss to Dallas

Even though Green Bay scored four times, the story from this game is Green Bay played like absolute shit. Aaron Rodgers can’t handle Brett Favre being in the same stadium as him. Mike McCarthy tried to get himself fired during multiple occasions in this one.

Happy Birthday Brett Favre!

Happy Birthday to the ole gunslinger! He turns 47 and there are still jokes about how he could come back in the league. That’s awesome. Favre also comes to Lambeau for the Dallas game to have number placed in the Ring of Honor Green Bay

The Internet’s Funeral of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is dead according to the Internet. Everyone believes the Packers quarterback will never return to prominence according to all of the different articles on Tuesday. It’s almost like writers competed to see how could they make it sound more like Rodgers is an