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Who Should Bucks Play At The Mecca?

Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their 50th year of existence next season. I feel we are going to see a lot of cool things including Bucks throwbacks along with visits from Bucks legends (I really want Ray Allen to return, but that’s for another time). The

Lowry and Paul Do Not Make Sense For Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks and their fans know this is a big offseason for the team. There are many moves that need to be made along with others that could possibly happen. But what we are seeing recently on social media are Bucks fans rushing to say

NBA’s Second Round Reeks of Boredom

You tell yourself ‘No, don’t be one of those guys!’ ‘Don’t do it, don’t rip the NBA for their bad product currently.’ But alas, I can’t help myself. NBA continues to see their second round games finish in blowout fashion. The last down-to-wire game featured

LeBron James Should Have Chugged That Beer

In the middle of Cleveland Cavaliers blowing out Toronto Raptors, LeBron James found time to grab a beer from a sever as he gallivanted to the sidelines after a play. James held the beer momentarily and acted like he was going to take a sip.

What We Missed – Bucks Season Ends With A Spirited Comeback

I’m back from vacation. If I had know that I would have WiFi in my room, I would have brought the blog to paradise. Anyways, I’m back and realize I have to teach the boys how to work this machine. Bucks season ended on Thursday

Dwane Casey Wants Toronto Fanbase To Be Like Milwaukee’s

This was a surprise. When Toronto Raptors head coach Duane Casey met with the media on Sunday, he talked about how Milwaukee Bucks crowd was on fire basically for Game 3 and 4. Casey sung high praises for a fanbase that isn’t known for selling

Bucks Buzz: Toronto Puts Clamps on Milwaukee Offense

The City of Milwaukee had so much excitement in the air. Bucks shirts were everywhere in the city. People showed off their Bucks pride all over town. There was a special sort of energy at Milwaukee Brat House on Saturday afternoon with booze and shots

Bucks Troll With Barney Then Kick Toronto’s Ass

Milwaukee Bucks played one of the best games of their franchise history. That’s not an understatement. We’ll talk more in the Buzz tomorrow about the game itself. This is a turning point for the City of Milwaukee. I work out on Water Street and as

Bucks Buzz: Toronto Lands The Last Punch

Milwaukee Bucks were in a house money situation for Game 2. They didn’t need to win the game as Bucks did their job in Game 1 getting the win, but if they did, the series is 2-0 their way heading back to Milwaukee on Thursday

Bucks Fans Whining About Gus Johnson Piss Me Off

In case you missed it, Milwaukee Bucks lost tonight to Toronto Raptors, 106-100 in Game 2. It was a hard-fought game where Milwaukee took every punch from Toronto. We’ll talk more about it later in a variety of formats. But before we do, Bucks fans