Bucks Players Start #StandWithSterling Hashtag

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Police Department released the bodycam video of their arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown. The video is gross, and an abuse of power. The Milwaukee Police Department had no right in escalating the force like they did in the video. This caused an outrage in the Milwaukee community and with Bucks players who may have posted #StandWithSterling Instagram or Twitter posts vocalizing their support for the rookie guard.

Malcolm Brogdon was one of the first

John Henson who dealt with a similar issue in Whitefish Bay

A post shared by @johnhenson31 on

Brandon Jenning went on Twitter and Instagram to do the same.

There were others too like Thon Maker, DJ Wilson and Tony Snell. Khris Middleton spoke to the media about how Brown came to practice the next day with bruises all over his body. Greg Monroe showed his support through liking some of these posts as well. It’s great to see the Bucks rallying around the rookie, despite the circumstances being less than stellar. Let’s hope the Milwaukee Police Department, the city and Milwaukee Bucks can come to a unified agreement on what’s right after this complete clusterfuck of a situation.


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