Two Brewers Fit In Jesus Aguliar’s Pants… Really.

As someone who played on the offensive line in high school and college, you were always the guy with the big pants in the locker room. I never had the smallest ones that looked like leggings for some dudes who had bird legs, or the biggest where it looked like parachute pants. My pants were big, but not outrageous. Not sure if two professional athletes could fit into my pants like Orlando Arica and Zach Davies did with Jesus Aguliar’s threads on Tuesday night.

You think Jesus Aguilar has huge legs!? 🤔 #brewers #mlb

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This is sort of amazing to see how big Zeus actually is with his lower body. He’s got quite the donk on him, and it’s not surprising some of the slimmer dudes can fit right into his pants. Zach Davies is a wafe, so, not surprising there, but Arica carries a little bit of weight. I’m surprised they got both to fit. I also thought this was from last night’s game which was concerning since Aguliar played a full nine which means those pants would have reeked of swamp ass. Good to know it wasn’t because that’d be a little gross.


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