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Back to Blogging For The 900th Time

I wondered if I needed to introduce myself again. I podcast, create content on social media, and talk a lot on social media. But blogging is my first love. You could say ‘Charlie, no one reads these things anymore.’ That’s cool. But the fact remains

Mic Check… Is This Thing Still On? Hello Again.

I’ve been blogging since 2007. That is crazy to write out. I’ll be 34 in August, and half of my life will be dedicated to blogging. This past year it has been knocked down on my totem pole of priorities. Why? Well, people do not

Announcing My Semi-Blog Retirement.

Do you know I’ve been blogging for half of my life? Half. I started when I was 17 with Chuck’s Corner. At the time, the URL did not account for the s so it was chuckcorner. I didn’t know what I was doing then. That

Introducing Tapping The Keg Sports’ Partnership With PlayAction Pools

This is something exciting to announce. I made the announcement on the podcast, but let’s also do it on the blog. We’re partnering with Playaction Pools. What is PlayAction Pools? They want to reinvent the game when it comes to entering pools with your friends.

Wedding Hiatus Over, Let’s Get to Work.

Everyone tells you that your wedding week is going to be stressful. I took a few days off but still thought that I would have some time to do Tapping The Keg stuff. I didn’t. In fact, I wanted to put all my time in

Aaron Rodgers Review: He’s Back Baby, Pray for the NFC

It is funny how things change. On Saturday, I was killing Aaron Rodgers for the ‘Last Dance’ stuff. I still think it is incredibly corny and something I would not recommend to the teams I cheer for. On Monday, I’m jazzed up that he is

SnotapWI Game Review: Bucks Are Champions of the NBA World

Milwaukee Bucks won a championship last night. 24 hours ago, I was standing at the famous Milwaukee Brat House ready for tip-off. The crowd lightened up a little bit from earlier in the night. Part of that was due to fans leaving to attend the

SnotapWI Game Review: Game 5 Greatness From the Bucks

After a few games off, we returned to the Milwaukee Brat House for our 13th game of the playoffs. We were 11-1 there and 11-0 when Tim, our bartender and friend of the program, and the vibes were great. I have never seen Milwaukee that

Raw Meat Sandwiches Are a Wisconsin Staple & Shouldn’t Be Shamed

The internet is a funny place. People find things out that they hadn’t known previously and tell their friends. Their friends tell more people and it becomes a thing. This is basically viral marketing in a nutshell. A few days ago, someone posted the Wisconsin

Who Won The Week For Wisconsin? Packers Fans’ Complaining is Back, Baby!

Another week in the books in the state of Wisconsin. This is becoming one of my favorite things to write about each week. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it’s because this is different than what we usually do. As I continue with this weekly blog,