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THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Why Josh Hader Isn’t On The Trading Block This Summer

Charlie returns for another edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about why the Josh Hader trade discussions on Monday were foolish. And discussed what would happen for him to get moved + why it makes sense this winter. Charlie also talks about Craig Counsell

PODCAST: Rodgers’ Retirement Rumors Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

Charlie returns for The Daily Tap on Friday and he kicks it off by talking about Aaron Rodgers. There are retirement rumors in the air and why Charlie says that Packers fans should not be shocked. This is common with older quarterbacks if their name

PODCAST: Previewing Brewers-Padres With Devine Sports Gospel

Charlie is joined by a special guest today on The Daily Tap. Matt Devine of Devine Sports Gospel sits down with him to talk about the Brewers-Padres series and much much more. Matt tries to sell Charlie and the rest of the Brewers nation on

PODCAST: Best Case & Worst Case Scenarios For Bucks-Celtics Game 3 & 4

Milwaukee Bucks get ready for their big Game 3 against the Boston Celtics and Charlie is here to talk all about it. He discusses on the podcast what would be the best and worst-case scenarios from each of the games. He also chats about who

PODCAST: Bucks-Bulls Tale of the Tape Playoff Preview

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network · Bucks-Bulls Tale of the Tape Playoff Preview | The Daily Tap Preview Charlie is back with a Daily Tap today breaking down the Milwaukee Bucks versus Chicago Bulls playoff series. Charlie talks about the matchups from this year, the

PODCAST: Can The Brewers Live Up To The Hype Of Being A Top Team In Baseball?

Charlie begins today’s edition of The Daily Tap by talking about the Milwaukee Brewers and if they’re going to be able to live up to the hype that is around them. The Brewers are ranked as a top-five team in baseball to start the year

PODCAST: Wisconsin Sports Importance Rankings For March

Charlie introduces the importance rankings to the podcast and talks about what are the most important things right now for Wisconsin sports fans? Charlie wonders how important is it for the Badgers to get the Sweet 16? Charlie also discusses Aaron Rodgers’ new deal and

PODCAST: WI Betting Preview: Packers & Badgers Are Both Great Bets

The Daily Tap is live for Friday. We have the betting preview covering the two teams from the State of Wisconsin. Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers taking on the Chicago Bears and why the Bears are smoke and mirrors. The Packers are worth

Packers & Badgers Betting Preview Podcast: One to Love & One To Stay Away

On today’s edition of The Daily Tap podcast, Charlie talks about who you should bet this weekend in the state of Wisconsin. Charlie discusses the Green Bay Packers first, and why he loves them this week from a betting perspective (0-12 minutes). He also chats

Bucks-Suns Game 2 Storylines To Watch | The Daily Tap Podcast

SnoTapWI Network · Bucks-Suns Game 2 Storylines To Watch | The Daily Tap Podcast On today’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about the storylines from Game 2. He discusses some of the things that might happen tonight such as Giannis being an aggressor,