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Clay Matthews, Rotating Linebacker, Returns in 2017

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave a great deal of insight this week at NFL Coaches Meeting. These are the first insights into what might happen with the 2017 NFL season. We talked about the offensive line yesterday, and today, it’s the linebacker

McCarthy Gives Hints at Packers Offensive Line

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is currently hanging out at the coaches’ meeting, and those are great times to see if reporters can get answers about the upcoming season, or what a team might do in the draft. With Green Bay’s offensive line

Lance Kendricks Adds A New Element For Packers

On Saturday afternoon, Green Bay added another tight end by bringing Milwaukee native Lance Kendricks back to Wisconsin where they signed him to a one-year deal. This is the second tight end move in as many days, and it can be said, Green Bay isn’t

Mike McCarthy Puts His Nuts On The Table

A little history lesson to begin the blog post… y’all know who Lyndon B. Johnson is, correct? The former President from Texas would pull his dick which he named ‘Jumbo’ out if he needed to get things done. Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy

The Biggest Offseason of Ted Thompson’s Career

A term many Green Bay Packers fans used throughout the years was ‘In Ted we trust.’ The reason being Ted Thompson, Green Bay Packers General Manager, put the team in position to win football games and achieved the ultimate goal once by winning the Super

Open Letter to Mike McCarthy

I’d like to apologize to Mike McCarthy. I’m sorry. I wrote after Tennessee game that you should be clearing out your office at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. I didn’t stick with the process (shouts to Joel Embiid) and thought the messaging had gone stale. I pride

Star Ratings: Packers-Bears

Packers-Bears is a great rivalry, and there have been better games to reflect that in the past five years. Green Bay currently has their number as this is their 12th win in the last 14 tries versus Bears. This came down to the wire when

SnoTap Packers Preview: Houston v. Green Bay

Game two of the playoffs starts at noon at Lambeau Field where it will be Packers weather as the cliche term goes with highs in the 30’s and the tundra beginning its hibernation process. Green Bay Packers welcome Houston Texans to town for their first

Star Ratings: Green Bay vs. Philadelphia

Green Bay Packers needed a win on Monday night in Philadelphia. If Packers lost Monday’s game, they would be 4-7 and the season would be practically over. And now that they’ve won, Packers are right back into the mix with the NFC North race and

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Philadelphia

Green Bay Packers three-game road trip ends in the City of Brotherly Love for a Monday Night Football showdown with Philadelphia Eagles. As The Ringer’s Bill Simmons says, this is a loser leaves town match. If Green Bay loses this game, they are likely finished,