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Wear A Mask Right, Dan Hurley + Butler/Woodson HOF Finalists | WI Best & WI Worst

This is supposed to be a video for the people, but my computer picked an awesome to not work with video capture. I’m not at my home office, so, unsure if it’s a driver issue or if the connection here isn’t strong enough for video.

Giannis Proves He’s NBA Best & Peter King Snubs Rodgers | WI Best & Worst

On the Wisconsin Best and Worst for January 4th, Charlie explains why Giannis Antetokounmpo put out a friendly reminder to the rest of the league that he is the best player in the NBA. Even though he will not win the MVP, Giannis is still

Introducing Wisconsin’s Best & Wisconsin’s Worst on Our YouTube Channel

Tappers, what’s up. Hope you’re having a good Sunday and not having dread about going back to the virtual office on Monday. We have started a new thing here on Sports News on Tap Wisconsin. What is that new thing, you ask? We’re on YouTube.