Marshawn Lynch Returns To The NFL With Double Birds

Oakland Raiders new running back Marshawn Lynch had a decent debut with his new team rushing for 78 yards on 16 carries. There’s nothing special for Lynch in the first game back, but he did have a few moments that showed the old Beast Mode is back in the fold. He delivered a punishing hit to Jurrell Casey, who is a 300-plus pound interior defender, and he also flipped a defender two middle fingers. Nothing says Marshawn like throwing up the double birds in the first game back.

Every week, we never know what you’re going to get from Lynch. One week, it could be grabbing his dick. The next week, it could be downing a hot dog on the sideline. This week, it was the double birds. Is Lynch going to get fined? Yes, indeed. The league doesn’t take kindly to the double bird life usually. I’ve said this before, but I need more Stone Cold Salutes in my life. It’s always a good look.


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