THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Should the Bucks Say Bye Bye To Bud?

SnotapWI’s writer and founder Charlie hosts the Thursday edition of The Daily Tap. Charlie talks about all of the things that happened in Game 2 between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat (0-26 mins). Charlie starts off with discussing the officials and why they think they matter more in the bubble (0-6 mins). The topic moves on to talk about Mike Budenholzer and why the Bucks should be looking for a new coach if things continue the path they’re on. (6-18 mins). Also, Charlie talks about what happened in Game 2 with turnovers, defense, and everything else that went wrong (18-26 mins). Packers’ injuries have become a slight issue for the team as Kamal Martin and Billy Turner go down (26-29 mins) and some thoughts on the Brewers’ rotation issues (29-31 mins).

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