What Is Tyler Herro Wearing On His Face? Wrong Answers Only

Tyler Herro is easily the most interesting Wisconsin athlete of all time. Wisconsinites have a deep love for people who come from their state… Except for Herro. The reason is pretty simple. He did not go to Wisconsin after backing up on his commitment and went to Wisconsin’s loose rival Kentucky. Herro truly screwed Wisconsin too if you talk to any Badgers fan. And if Herro backed out earlier, it could have opened the door for a player like Tyrese Haliburton. Herro being the anti-hero of Wisconsin continued when he played for the Miami Heat and went against the Milwaukee Bucks in two playoff series with one that took down the Bucks. Therefore when there is an opportunity to dunk on Herro, we have to do it. So let me ask, what the fuck is wearing on his face?

I have zero idea if that’s a mask. It looks more like his IG model girlfriend’s booty shorts that he used as a mask. Now, we recently had a person use a thong as a mask in an airplane, and he got kicked out. I’m the last guy to tell someone to wear a mask the right way, so, I’ll just leave it like this, if you’re gonna wear that, just don’t fucking wear one.

Also, people didn’t like his comment on Jake Paul. I’m so over being upset at people that are fans of the Paul brothers. They’re part of our society. That’s just what it is. It’s pretty gross, but that’s life. It happens, sometimes. Herro is probably looking for a side piece from Julia Rose, and honestly, I don’t blame him at all for that.


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