Adam Thielen Is a Complete Clown For Comments About Lambeau Field

Adam Thielen is a Minnesota football success story. I know those are hard to come by seeing as the Vikings have as many rings as I do, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers haven’t smelled roses since Kennedy was president. Hell, they don’t even know what a New Year Six bowl game means. But Thielen is a success. Small town kid who know plays for his home state Minnesota Vikings. Not surprising that he has some shitty takes about Lambeau Field. Thielen was on a podcast and talked about his overall disdain for the oldest stadium in the NFC North.

A few things here. It is cute that Minnesota always acts like they’re playing in the Super Bowl against Green Bay. Every year, it’s the same shit. Second, there are people that decades to sit in those bleacher seats. Our guy Murph’s family has had tickets for over 50+ years in his family. He isn’t alone! Those seats must mean something if they’re selling out every fucking game. Minnesota also is home to the only stadium in memory where it COLLAPSED. And also the Vikings play in a cowardly dome instead of playing big boy football out in the cold. Thielen would freeze his hedgehog-looking ass body out there if he had to play in Lambeau conditions year-round.

Very excited for Thielen to get booed in a full Lambeau next fall.


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