BREAKING: OBJ’s Lambeau Hole Is Fixed

Over the past weekend, it appears the maintenance crew at Lambeau Field repaired the hole left by Odell Beckham Jr. after the Giants loss to Packers in the final home game of the season. I’m a little upset they replaced it so quickly. That’s a relic in history. Why didn’t the NFL come in there and crave out the hole to put in the NFL Hall of Fame? You know why because Roger Goodell and boys hate anything fun.

My hope is Packers marketing staff took a picture of the hole at some point and displays a picture at the Packer Hall of Fame. That’s the least we can ask for since the hole has been covered up. I would love to know which player or coach through all the years did the most damage to an opposition locker room. Further, I would love to know which Packer did the most to their locker room.


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