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Hot Dogs Taking 35 Minutes Off My Life Doesn’t Phase Me At All

Hot dogs are about as American as any food is. It is also a huge part of the sports culture. While so many teams increased their food offerings at the game to make it feel more like a restaurant, the old reliable, the hot dog,

An Appreciation for Jay Cutler’s Love of Spotted Cow & Wisconsin Beer

Jay Cutler is back on Twitter. He had a little issue with Instagram recently, so, he decided to join Twitter again after an eight-year hiatus. Personally, I would not have joined Twitter again if I left. That’s like choosing to go back to internet jail.

My Top Five New Food Items at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is admittingly tough for me this year. I have my wedding in a little over a month, and when State Fair starts, we will be in the 20-day range. Now of course, we’re all trying to keep ourselves relatively skinny and

The Milwaukee Draft With Murph & Mitch | Tapping The Keg 414

SnoTapWI Network · The Milwaukee Draft With Murph & Mitch | Tapping The Keg 414 On a special edition of Tapping The Keg, Mitch and Charlie are joined by Murph and they draft what are the most Milwaukee things in the city? They have to

Trinity Three Irish Pubs Competing For Barstool Sports’ Best Bar

Barstool Sports hosts an annual ‘Best Bar’ competition that features bars all across the country vying for their shot to be considered the best. This is run by their college outlet, so, the Milwaukee representative fits in perfectly. Trinity Three Irish Pubs with the representative

Love To See Some of My Milwaukee Bar Favorties Get Featured In National Commercial

American Express is currently running an ad for their partnership with the NBA about the bars affected by the pandemic. The large credit card company came up with the ‘shop small’ mantra years ago, and now, they’ve also added ‘dine small’ to help restaurants during

City of Milwaukee’s Tyrannical Approach to Bars Makes Little Sense.

News came out yesterday that the City of Milwaukee will enforce more fines against bars and restaurants that are not following the rules. They basically have hired a snitch office that will go and investigate each place for the city. The cases all across the

BrandyLand Will Be Hottest Board Game in Wisconsin This Summer

Wisconsinites love to drink. You know that, I know that. The folks at Drink Wisconsinbly have built a brand out of this. It is truly impressive to see what they’ve created throughout the years leaning into the drinking culture of Wisconsin. They have a bar

Local Drive-In Nite Owl Will Be Featured Before Super Bowl 55

For the Super Bowl this weekend, there isn’t much of a local tie-in for this game. Jack Cichy is the only guy on either team that would have been a Badgers player participating in the Super Bowl. But Cichy is currently on Injured Reverse. Alas,

Sign Me Up: Lakefront Brewery Is Offering a Romantic Dinner Inside Bernie Brewer’s Chalet

Before Miller Park, Bernie Brewer was a bit of a wild child. What do I mean by that? Well, Bernie had a chalet similar to the one he has right now at Miller Park, but that chalet had a mug of beer attached to it.