David Bakhtiari Enjoyed His Fourth Of July

As I enjoy an extra day off, I’m reflecting how Fourth of July might be my favorite holiday besides Christmas and Thanksgiving. It might be Thanksgiving, Fourth and Christmas in that order for me. The Fourth of July is much more than one day, rather, it’s multiple days of debauchery with your friends. It was a great time as always this year again. I’m not alone with being fans of the Fourth. Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari looked great with a gaggle of women on his new jet ski.

Of course, he thanked his quarterback who hooked up the jet ski in the first place. My question would be how awesome would this rager be to attend? You know Bakhtiari is living it up with his bros, and these were the ladies who decided to hang out with him for a picture. I know Bak fashions himself as a ladies man, but I do not believe he’s one of those guys who has thousands of women around him like he’s Dan Blizerian (Yuck) or something to that affect.


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