Giannis on Sports Illustrated Cover Is So Special

I’m sure by now you’ve seen Giannis Antetokounmpo on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Everyone freaked out who has been a Bucks fans for either a couple years or for their entire life. Bucks fans finally saw their local star explode on the main stage. Critics will say ‘Who reads Sports Illustrated these days?’ But you know what? Screw those people. This is big for the city of Milwaukee and the professional basketball team. Bigger than we might know.

Giannis is becoming a brand. That sounds so Rovell that I want to throw myself off my fourth floor apartment, but it’s true! That’s something we haven’t seen from a Bucks player since Ray Allen who starred in ‘He Got Game’ with Denzel Washington. But not even Allen or the other members of the Big Three made an SI cover. He’s only the fourth Buck to do it, and Milwaukee sports first cover since the Brewers had their memorable cover in 2011. Giannis is here, and either you get on the bandwagon now or stay on the sidelines when Bucks are one of the best teams in basketball. Lost in the ‘cover’ is a great, great story from Lee Jenkins who is the single best NBA feature writer out there. Not many tell a story better than Jenkins.

I’m happy for Giannis. I’m happy for Bucks organization. I’m happy for the City of Milwaukee.


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