JERSEY GRADES: Las Vegas Golden Knights

Tonight, NHL and Adidas unveiled new jerseys across the board. But the most notable jersey was the debut of the Las Vegas Golden Knights who were showing them off for the first time. Las Vegas will be part of the things to watch with the NHL season from an attendance to which players are going to be on their team from the expansion rosters. Hopefully, those things are better than the jerseys because they’re not off to a good start.

As a couple people noted, they look like ‘Create-a-team’ jerseys you would create in any sport. I hate to be a traditionalist, but they almost look to futuristic for hockey. Like the knight looks so big and gaudy in the front that it turns me off. Also, the color scheme is similar to what we see from Germany or Belgium international teams. I will say that the white jerseys are significantly better, but still, it’s a little too much matte colors for my liking.



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