Joel Embiid Calls Bradley Center a ‘Shithole’

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid likes to gives locations to all of his Instagram posts. They are usually pretty entertaining and witty. Embiid called Bradley Center or Milwaukee a ‘shithole’ in his Instagram location today. It’s since been deleted because that’s what happens in today’s world, but the weird thing is I can’t really disagree with Embiid although we’re the ones to call it a shithole.

Look, we all know Bradley Center is old and the point of dilapidation. But it’s our old arena to love and cherish. If we want to call it a shithole, we can but not Embiid. I’m not going to go overboard and now think Embiid is an asshole for hating on Bradley Center. If he doesn’t like this arena, there will be a new one in a few years that will kick his ass on a regular basis come playoff time. That being said, this is sort of thing is fun especially with young teams. We need Sixers-Bucks to have a little early 2000’s feel to that rivalry again. These are two of the top young teams in the NBA and nothing would be more fun than to have the teams hate each other.

If you want to cure any newfound Embiid hate, he’s a Packers fan. That was unexpected, but I love it. Glad to have him on board for the running of the table.


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