Kate Upton – Ride or Die Girl For Life

YOOOOO this is so awesome. I know we’re blogging it late, but that’s life sometimes. Kate Upton came from the clouds to Major League Baseball in a body bag. Upton grew upset with MLB because Justin Verlander had the most first-place votes, but since two votes didn’t vote for him at all, he finished second to Boston Red Sox’s pitcher Rick Porcello. Trust me, Twitter made the same electoral college joke you’re thinking about right now. But Upton went off in defense of her man. I must say I respect the hell out of this move. This might not be the way Verlander wants her support, but at the end of the day, you need a significant other in your corner like her.

I love how she took a dig at Procello with the #ByeFelicia. Also, remember when people said Verlander was cursed by Upton? Once again proving sports fans are the dumbest fucking creatures at times.


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