Marquette King Continues To Be The Best

Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King is one of the new NFL personalities in the 2016 that the Internet has grown to love dearly. King is one of the favorites in the league for bringing a personality to punting. Today’s game might have been the apex. A Buffalo Bills player gets a “Roughing the Punter” penalty on King, and Raiders punter picks up the flag and does a celebration with it. Refs would then give King a flag for unnecessary celebration. Well worth it, I say.

Love how Dan Fouts goes full grandpa with it. He acts so appalled by it. That was such an overreaction akin to Joe Buck getting mad at Randy Moss for mooing the Lambeau Field crowd. Naturally, King had the perfect response on Twitter.

Raiders scored 29 straight points to beat Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon. Oakland is the real deal, and they’re here to contend this season even if they are a team of young dudes who don’t know better.


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