Marty Bennett Slept Next to his Packers Locker Last Night

LOVE THIS. Green Bay Packers report to training camp on Wednesday, which is a great feeling for any of us who love football. There were all sorts of social about guys coming back to the northeast Wisconsin, but new Packer Martellus Bennett took the cake. Marty ended up sleeping in his locker last night waiting for the season to start. It’s hard not to be excited after this from Bennett. (H/T Kaitlin Sharkey for the pic)

He went through on Instagram stories showing him all tucked in and what apparently looks like the Packers locker room. That’s fantastic. Packers fans are going to go through a roller coaster with Bennett this season. I’m pre-empting this because I know Packers fans, and they’re going to have a time where he pisses them off. He’s a pure character and a damn good player, yet there are moments that make him unpopular with some part of the fanbase. That said, this move is fucking awesome and couldn’t be more ready for football.

We’ve talked about the Packers hype train the last couple days, and this is only going to add to the mix.


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