Waiters & Westbrook Both Beat The Buzzer

There are those nights where NBA is really, really good. Tonight, we get Boston-Washington rematch after Jae Crowder booped John Wall nose, and fireworks are expected. Last night, we saw some great games including two buzzer-beaters from Miami Heat’s Dion Waiters and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook. One of these things is expected, the other is definitely not.

Let’s start with Waiters. Heat guard had 33 points for his second straight game including the game-winner. Waiters Island is back in the biggest way possible. Erik Spolestra might deserve Coach of the Year for remaking the former top draft pick’s career. As a Bucks fan, it makes me happy to see him do the same shit he did to Milwaukee to the second-best team in the NBA. The game-winner was so cocky. He waited to take it up the court and drained a three in right in Steph Curry’s grill piece. Waiters mean-mug at the end might be the highlight of the Heat’s season.

Westbrook’s game-winner isn’t as exciting as Waiters, but we should be in awe of what Westbrook is doing this season. He had another triple-double, the 22nd of the season. Westbrook did on the road versus Utah Jazz, one of the best perimeter teams in basketball. Westbrook going off for 38-10-10 is nothing shot of amazing. It’s absurd he isn’t starting the All-Star game.

Who do you like? I got Waiters Island.


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