Shut Up, Sunday Night Football Was Great

Yes, I’m going to do that thing where people on the Internet defend something that seems shitty on paper, but in reality, it was great. Seattle-Arizona might be the best defensive game of football we’ll see all season. People bitch all the time how there isn’t enough defense then when it happens, we all laugh it at it like it’s something everybody hates. The trendiest joke in the game is talking about ‘OH THIS SHOULD HELP THE NFL RATINGS HAR HAR HAR.’ This game rocked and you all are suckers if you think otherwise.

Defensively, it had everything you would want in a game. In terms of weirdness, it had every kind of what-the-fuck moment imaginable. Now, will I bitch about this game when Green Bay is somehow screwed because of this tie? Yes, but let’s cross that bridge when we get there. Arizona needs a kicker. Seattle needs an offensive line and an offense, period. Both of these teams aren’t on the most stable ground.


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