Aaron Rodgers’ Kentucky Derby Suit Was Flames

Aaron Rodgers is a regular at the Kentucky Derby. The recently single Packers quarterback’s first event out since his breakup with Olivia Munn. There weren’t many pictures of Rodgers, but Yahoo! News Katie Couric grab a photo with Packers quarterback and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Rodgers’ look is a ten. He rocked one of the louder suits I’ve seen From him. I like it though. He’s clearly buying into what the Kentucky Derby is all about with ridiculous outfits. I mean Brady’s hat is no more outrageous than what Rodgers is wearing. The Vineyard Vines glasses are straight out of the South for him. Love that as well.

Rodgers continues to put together a nice social life after Munn. He went golfing with a swimsuit model and now the Derby. I’m sure he had some fun in Kentucky this weekend.


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