Brewers Embrace MLB Players’ Weekend Concept

I, for one, love the idea of the MLB Players’ Weekend. It’s a fantastic idea by baseball. People today will probably call it a gimmick, but they have a dump in their pants if that’s the case. These are meant to be fun, and a first look at baseball trying to appeal to a younger audience. The jerseys are funky to become collectables by kids and adults. Brewers fully went with the jersey ideas and there were some excellent choices.

I’m proud to say that from the early look of it, zero Brewers went with just their last name. I love that. I saw Brett Gardner and Jedd Gyorko respect the biz and put their last names. A typical move from a Yankee and Cardinal who probably only sip a beer for fun. The best of the bunch has to be Zach Davies with ‘Bat Boy’ which is a play off his youthful looking appearance. Michael Blazek going with ‘Jus Blaze’ is problematic in more ways than one.

MLB Players’ Weekend will be a success for baseball. I don’t think it’s something they should do more than one weekend year, but it’s a cool way to let players have some fun plus play into the whole Little League World Series that will be happening during this timeframe.

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