Bucks Fan Drills Half Court Shot For 5K

WOW that’s a nice way to start the holiday season. Bucks fan chose to take the $5,000 shot from half court, and he absolutely drilled it. I can’t even imagine that kind of thrill. You come to watch Bucks-Magic, you leave with 5,000 more in your pocket. Also, the balls to take the five thousand dollar shot versus just taking the three-pointer for a cool grand. All of the sudden, Christmas shopping is taken care of and you can save a little bit then wet the beak in other spots of life.

My only real experience with half court shots and basketball games happened during my time at Eau Claire. When we were college freshman, a guy on my floor had a chance at 10K from half court and ended up hitting the front iron. This was the most depressing thing. He didn’t leave his room to go party that Saturday night.


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