Clayton Kershaw Shuts Down On Nationals & Narratives

I’ll raise my hand and say I hated on Clayton Kershaw’s postseason performances. I’ve called him ‘Baseball’s Peyton Manning’ more times than I can count. It’s not that I’m hater towards Kersahw, but my expectation level is so much higher for him. Add to what Madison Bumgarner has done in the postseason, it’s hard to not look at Dodgers ace’s failures and not be critical.

Kershaw silenced the haters all series long against Washington. He won Game 1 then on three days rest, he went 110 pitches in Game 4 with eleven strikeouts and closes the door for a save with two runners on. Kershaw also beat his 2015 nemesis in Daniel Murphy. The narrative about ‘Clayton Kershaw can’t pitch in the postseason’ is absolutely dead. No matter what happens against Chicago, Kershaw will always have this series where he put the team on his back and won the fucking series all by himself. The curveball finsher was amazing, and the whole scene in the ninth is one of the best we’ve seen in sports all year.

Worth noting, Dave Roberts deserves a ton of credit. He’s a first-year manager and knows his team very well. Kenley Jensen coming in the seventh inning and pitching 2.1 innings as a closer is amazing. Jensen went 50 pitches and did the damn thing out there. Roberts moved beautifully through this slog of a game. Future is very bright with Los Angeles.

What a Saturday night we have on deck with Wisconsin Badgers-Ohio State Buckeyes and Los Angeles Dodgers-Chicago Cubs Game 1. I’ve been promised two TV’s in my living room, and we are going to be living right.


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