Eric Thames Enjoyed WWE NXT Takeover With Kevin Owens

While Milwaukee Brewers did not play on Saturday afternoon, the team enjoyed a night in Chicago. Most specifically, Eric Thames, who hung ringside at WWE NXT Takeover with WWE superstar Kevin Owens. I’m a former pro wrestling fan. I’ve had a torrid affair throughout the years with wrestling, but I haven’t been a fan for awhile now. That said when I was younger, it always fired me up when an athlete from one of my favorite teams hung out at a wrestling event. We do have to wonder though if Vince McMahon asked Thames about joining the WWE in the offseason.

With Thames look, you have to bet he would be near the top of the list when it comes to baseball athletes as professional wrestlers. Bryce Harper would be another one that has an ideal look for the WWE. Thames’ imposing look would be excellent for wrestling. It’s too bad that baseball season doesn’t really work for the big events for wrestling. Wrestlemania happens right as baseball season starts, Summerslam is in them middle of the year, and the only one that makes a little sense is Royal Rumble in January.

I highly doubt Brewers would allow Thames to be a wrestler, but I would love it if he was Owens’ manager for a Pay-Per-View. We’ll see if these two have a reunion at some point this year.


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