Paul Chryst Swagging Out In A Cowboy Hat

WHOA settle down now Paul Chryst. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Wisconsin head coach rocked a cowboy hat at Cotton Bowl media day event today, and I’m all about it. We need to see Chryst in all sorts of different hats. Fedora, snapback, ascot, boater, you name it. Chryst seems to be a hat guy and we didn’t even know I would love it if him and Western Michigan head coach both wore cowboy hats and boots for the game. It would never happened but we need more of that in bowl games.

Good to see Wisconsin Badgers can have some fun before Cotton Bowl. My guess is this isn’t where they wanted to be when the end of the season happened, but Badgers appear to making the most of it. Western Michigan-Wisconsin kick off on Monday afternoon, 12:00 pm on ESPN. Full preview on Sunday or Monday.


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