Pitbull’s Shirt Is Far Too Tight For Any Man

Mr. Worldwide, also known as, Pitbull naturally showed up for the Home Run Derby and All-Star festivities in Miami. Pitbull is almost like the mayor of the city when it comes to the entertainment side of things. It’s no surprise that he opened the Home Run Derby with a performance. But it is a surprise at how tight his shirt was for his performance. It looked like the pop sensation painted a shirt on his body and called it a day.

I mean look at that thing. It’s basically form fit for a smaller person than Pitbull actually is. As a big man, I know how this goes sometimes. You want to wear a certain fit, and you put it on realizing it’s too tight usually in the belly. At that point, you have to make an executive decision if it’s more important to get your fit off or wear something else that doesn’t show off your fat belly to the world. Some guys pick the former, and I, myself, do the latter. No way am I letting anyone know that I have a spare tire if I don’t have to.

May your shirt today not be as tight as Pitbull.


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