Planet’s Earth Chase Set to NFL Primetime Music = Greatness

THIS IS AMAZING. Everyone on the Internet was captivated with the iguana getting chased by a pack of snakes in the brand new Planet Earth. It’s amazing to see if this iguana high tail his or her ass out of there. He could put the Lambeau Squirrel to sham. UPROXX’s editor-in-large Brian Grubb put this together and it’s amazing. I hate to be selfish, but I almost need Chris Berman/Tom Jackson with the call or Big Cat/PFT Commenter for that matter. A couple WHOOP!’s in there would be awesome.

Can I get a little hot takey here? Planet Earth is for the birds. I don’t smoke weed and I think it’s for weed people plus something to talk about on Twitter. Once again, I’m talking like an old man.


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